A wide variety of solutions

We set-up projects to provide sustainable, water producing eco-systems to those who need water most but cannot afford it. The solutions we implement are based on the best solution for a given situation and eco-system. The ideal solution may be a combination of several solutions. The solutions vary from drilling water wells to digging ditches, planting trees, building dams, catching roof water, installing fog catchers and deploying water from air systems, to name a few.

We do not phantom that we have all the answers and knowledge. Therefore, we always do our projects together with local communities and business partners who are specialised in the specific solution(s).

Sustainable water in all aspects

Water is a precious resource. This means that the solutions fit the ecological and community systems and have a durable life span. Selection takes into account available water supply, rain fall, future trends, groundwater levels, humidity levels in the air and community needs.

Furthermore, except for temporary emergency situations like natural disasters or military conflicts, we do not believe in free. The Sponsh Foundation team believes that things that are given fully free, are not valued as they should be. History shows that donated projects tend to degrade fast and are not sustainable in the long run. Therefore, we do not donate projects, but expect a partial contribution from the end-users. This does not have to be the actual market value. The contribution can be monetary or in another form. The important part is that the contribution should be in proportion to the resources that the end-users have.