How the Sponsh Foundation Started

The Sponsh Foundation is a spin-off of the startup Sponsh. While Sponsh’s goal is to develop affordable water producing systems, there are still people without the resources to benefit from these systems. In addition, Sponsh products will not work in all locations, for example in locations with extremely low humidity levels. In order to fully achieve the company mission, Sponsh set-up the foundation.

Sponsh dedicates 10% of its net profit to the foundation. In addition, other funds can donate to the Sponsh Foundation. The Sponsh Foundation operates stand-alone from the Sponsh company. While Sponsh’s products might be one of the solutions selected, this certainly does not need to be the case for a project. Sponsh does not interfere with the solutions selection. The local situation always dictates which solutions are selected.

About Sponsh

Sponsh was founded in 2018 and develops water producing systems, which collect water from air for irrigation and drinking water. The company originated from one of the nature-inspired solutions described in the book The Blue Economy. One particular solution describes how desert beetles, plants and spiders manage to collect water from air in dry, coastal areas. Sponsh technology is based on how this principle works.

Sponsh technology was developed at Eindhoven University of Technology by dr. Catarina Esteves, one of the Sponsh founders. The technology consists of a temperature sensitive smart textile that absorbs water from air when it is cold and releases it when temperatures are high. Producing off-grid and zero-energy water for irrigation or drinking water.

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